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Gothica * Night Thoughts (cd 2000 cruel moon)

This cd has been anounced by our friends from CMI for a while, comparing this Italian band to Dead Can Dance, Ataraxia and Miranda Sex Garden. Well, “Night Thoughts” is nice, but never does it reach the level of the mentioned bands, nor is Gothica musically comparable. Some songs are indeed somewhat medievalish, others a bit folky, but several songs are pretty gothic and electronic. Actually some songs remind me a bit of the early Impressions of Winter, while others have more an Eastern sound. The vocals are mostly female and Alessandra has a magnificent voice, but I don’t like what she does with it all the time. Also the music isn’t always very good. Also having a cd with a fairly short length (44 min) this doesn’t make a cd of the level that we grew used off from CMI. But… I must say that there are some beautiful violin sounds and a couple of great songs as well.

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