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GOR * Bellum Gnosticorum (cd 2000 prikosnovenie)

GOR is the band of a session musician of Italy’s goth pride Ataraxia. This and the description “medieval neo-folk music” made me decide that it might be a worthy cd to buy. But listening to it, I don’t hear much medieval or neo-folk music. Well… neo-folk a little, but not really in the explanation that is given to this term in the goth scene (acoustic guitar music with vocals). The music is at times pretty folky, but there’s a trumpet kind of sound that makes the music a bit Arabian-like. All in all a whole bunch of instruments is used and there’re not too many vocals, which makes this cd quite a bit different from other folky cds from the gothic scene. And with the uncommon sound this idea gets even stronger. Overall I don’t think “Bellum Gnosticorum” is particularly good, but it’s definately not boring.

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