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Tying Tiffany * Peoples Temple (2010)

I was surprised when I got a “confirmed artists” email of the Wave Gotik Treffen of this year that contained Tying Tiffany. I knew Tying Tiffany from when I listen to electropop or electropunk on Tying Tiffany is one of the many of such bands that does not really stand out (well, the photo’s are usually nice). It is just straightforward, nothing-special electropop sometimes with a slightly ‘punky’ edge. Because I wondered why an electropop band would be booked for the WGT, I listened to their Myspace and indeed, the songs there seem to be much more ‘wavey’, sometimes almost ‘batcave’ in sound. I guessed that perhaps the first two albums would be boring, while the last one spells a new direction. Indeed, “Peoples Temple” opens with a pretty gothic sounding tracks called “3 Circle” and the first seconds of the second track can also still be called “gothic” in a way. Several tracks bring memories of 80’ies wave with screaming guitars and drumcomputers, but “Peoples Temple” still is a not-too-good electropop album.
I just noticed that it is Trisol who released this album, so that may be the connection to the ‘black scene’.
Links: Tying Tiffany, Trisol


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