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Circus Contraption * Our Latest Catalogue (2001)

On I ran into this “tag” “dark circus”. When listening to the “radio” of that “tag” all kinds of strange circus(like) music passes by. Sometimes I hear cabaretesk bands (“dark cabaret” is a similar tag) that I already knew, but there are especially weird tracks of a band called “The Tiger Lillies” (whose albums are more modest it seems) and a completely over-the-top track called “Come To The Circus” of Circus Contraption. A fast and happy sounding circus music song with expressive singing and choirs, but ‘dark lyrics’. It is completely unlike the music that I usually listen to, but this band sure makes a nice twist with overly-happy music. The band seems to have five releases available, only this one on Discogs. The music goes from folky to more tranquil circus music, but always with a ‘live show feeling’ and if the website is credible, Circus Contraption actually is a circus show. The website even has a link to a book about the underground circus circuit which contains a chapter about this outfit. There are always new things to discover!
The most recent cd “The Show To End All Shows” (2008) is on its way, since all material of this band is available through their website. If you want some weird stuff, this might be something to check out.
Link: Circus Contraption

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