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Militia * Power Propaganda Production (cd 2011)

Yesterday in Maastricht, Militia presented their new album. Main man Frank Gorissen has spent months in his ‘subterra’ studio to get the mixing perfect. When you know Militia, the new album will bring no big surprises. Percussion on oil-barrels and other iron objects and drums with here and there anarchistic lyrics. There are some new elements to “PPP” though. There are more samples and keys, not just the simple tunes that we were already familiar with, but also horns and even orchestrations reminding of martial industrial. Some of the tracks on “PPP” sound familiar, but especially the unfamiliar, news-sounding tracks are interesting. Also there are some ‘soundscapish’ (by lack of a better term) tracks. “PPP” comes in a nice carboard box with a small poster and a good-looking booklet with lyrics. A nice new release of the Belgian eco-anarchists.
Links: Militia, Neuropa

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