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Varunna * Cantos (cd 2007)

It is impossible to buy everything so I was happy to learn about a Tesco sale in which older material was sold for friendly prices. I bought Hau Ruck! and Tesco material (quite by accident I guess) that I did not buy when it came out. The reviews of today are all these older releases that you can buy cheaply from Tesco when I write this.
Vanunna is a very nice neofolk band on Hau Ruck! They released two 7″s and this cd. Albin Julius is (or used to be) a member, the other members are Alessio Betterelli and Jörg B. of Graumahd. Fortunately Varunna sounds nothing like the cheesy neofolk of Graumahd. If Betterelli is as Italian as his name, he seems to be the driving force behind Varunna. The sound is nicely mediteranean, with Italian lyrics, drumming, bass and sometimes electric guitar. Nice, stimulating music, nice songs (song better than others), finally again an interesting neofolk album. Why did I not buy it earlier?


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