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Genitor Lvminis * Deam Adessa (10″ 1999 state-art)

When I finally got this 10″ it was long sold out. This review is therefor more for informative reasons than to tell you to buy it. Genitor Luminis is a Swedish act that released a demo called “Heliokrator” in an edition of 50 copies. On it you find some Puissance kind of apocalyptic orchestral industrial, not very good. This 10″ was supposed to be brilliant, but I’m not too crazy about it myself. There’re four tracks,which are all -more or less- in the vein of tranquil tracks of industrial acts like Der Blutharsch and Turbund Sturmwerk, but not as good. Sometimes I hear similarities with Swartalf and Elhaz. The music is very monotous and repetative. In the beginning I quite enjoy all the tracks, but after a few minutes I’d liked to hear some change in it.
The German label State-Art is now frequently launcing releases, read reviews of other 10″s from this label elsewhere.


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