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Gaë Bolg and the church of Fand / Nothvs Filivs Mortis * Oran Môr II. Môr Cylch .II (10” 2000 cynfeirdd)

However the second part of the trilogy is also limited to 333 copies, I had a lot more problems getting this one than the first item. For some reason my usual distributors didn’t get copies of this 10”, so I got mine directly from Cynfeirdd.
The first item in the trilogy was the Omne Datum Optimum split 12” with Gaë Bolg and this one was also reviewed in these pages. The last part is planned for early march and it will be a split 7” between ODO and NFM. The first of these two also have their own 7” on Cynfeirdd.
Gaë Bolg present a better track here than on the 12”. It is in their ‘tranquil’ style and not a bombastic track like on the cd or the Eisteddfod compilation.
Nothvs Filivs Mortis contributed with a dark ambient track, but still fits well between the Gaë Bolg and ODO tracks.
NFM has plans for a vinyl and a full-length cd on Athanor by the way.
If you want to get a copy of Oran Môr II, be quick and contact Cynfeirdd immediately! <20/1/01> <3>


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