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Funerary Call – The Black Root (12″ 2005 fluttering dragon)

Unfortunately I had to wait for this 12″ for a long time, because I ordered some A Challenge Of Honour material from the same distro, and ACOH kept being delayed. But as it turns out, I already had most of the music of “The Black Root”, maybe on other releases, but maybe also because I get rough and/or new recordings every now and then. In other reviews you can read ‘the story of FC’. Here I will keep to saying that “The Black Root” is less ‘ritual’ in sound, but more very dark ambient soundscapes giving a wonderfull dark atmosphere. The label may compare the sound of the band to CMI bands, but I can tell you that this is much darker. The 12″ is limited to 333 copies and the mcd “Beckoning At The Black” that was released on The Fossil Dungeon not too long ago, is already sold out. So, if you want to get some music of this Canadian project, be quick. It is worth the effort! And a point of light, a rerelease of the mcd with extra material is anounced.

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