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Triangular Ascension * Leviathan Device (cd 2011)

The debut release of this Venezualian project is based on Thomas Hobbe’s “Leviathan”. It opens as a typical dark ambient soundscapes album. The second track is a nice dark one with deep beats and industrial sounds. Then comes more soft soundscapish material with a little bit of melody, quite typical dark ambient actually, but the fifth track is again very interesting with a slightly tribal-like rhythm and a great atmosphere. After this follow some more soundscapish tracks, some nicely dark, others less dark with here and there you will hear a flinch of noise. The last track is more melodious. “Leviathan Device” is a varried album. The dark ambient tracks are alright to nice, the darker tracks much more interesting. Overall not a bad debut, so if you like to listen to dark ambient, you might want to give this album a try.
Link: Cyclic Law

3 thoughts on “Triangular Ascension * Leviathan Device (cd 2011)”

  1. wow this album deserved at least 4/5 in my opinion and i would call it anything but typical maybe not a 5/5 but it’s far from being mediocre

  2. I agree with Metus, and would say this album is much more a 4/5 than a mere 3. An incredible album and impressive debut. I listen to plenty of dark ambient, and this is one of the better releases to come out in recent times (along with the latest Tholen, also from Cyclic Law). This album certainly held my attention from beginning to end, and the dark soundscapes are quite eerie and effective. I guess it also depends on how you listen to this type of music also. I always give it my full attention, and listen to it on a good pair of headphones at night!

    1. What can there be said about taste? It has been a while since I ran into a really good dark ambient album. I prefer the noisier (like Propergol projects) kinds nowadays.

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