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Joris J. & Ratbag * Liar Paradox (mp3 2011)

A digital split release on a label / webzine site that has more free releases. Joris J. has some material available, of Ratbag this is the debut. Both projects make ‘noisescapes’, very noisy soundscapes. The opening track of Ratbag is quite nice, but the other two tracks are a bit too unstructured and too monotous for me. There are quite some low frequencies (always nice), some high frequencies (not so nice) and no samples, rhythm or anything. Joris J. opens in the same way, but his second track opens with a strange compilation of samples and continues with relatively rhythmical weird soundscapes. His third track is more industrial and more interesting than the previous material. The last track opens with a sample and continues with soft and slightly distorted sounds. Not such a bad track either. The noise presented sounds different from the noise that I am used to hear and even though I do not really like it, it is interesting to listen to, especially Joris J.
Links: Joris J., Ratbag, Kulturterrorismus

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