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Funerary Call * “promo winter 2002”

Many years ago I hunted the black metal scene for ‘alternative’ electronic demos in a style that we refered to as “ritual”. Funerary Call from Canada has always been one of my favourite projects in the vein and for many years I wrote with the guy. Somehow we lost contact for too many years and recently I not only found out that “Impius Erga Deum” is still around, but also still making music as Funerary Call and even found his way to the internet. So here I have a cdr with material that I didn’t have yet (that means after 1999) and the inserted cover says “promo winter 2002”, but I don’t know if there is more recent material here as well. Anyway, FC used to make tranquil threatening music with occult texts, later went to more dark ambient/industrial and dark industrial and on this cdr I hear very dark ambient with industrial influences in a style that I don’t hear too often anymore. This is a pitty, so I am glad that FC is still around, still has material available and (still) has plans for a cd. So far over 10 years of existence has brought a few demos, two 7″s and a contribution to the wonderfull “On The Brink Of Infinity” sampler. Check out the FC website and order everything that is still available if you are into dark ritualistic ambient/industrial music!

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