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Forseti * Jenzig (10″ 1999 eis & licht tonträger)

I got this one together with Dies Natalis (see review above). Limited to 550 copies and only a few left for sale from Eislicht.
Just as other Eislicht bands, Forseti appears on compilation cds, or to say, at least one, because there is a new version of the title track on Lichttauffe, which is also reviewed in these pages.
And again a very good release. The 10″ opens faster than we are used to of neo-folk bands. Other tracks are more at a ‘normal speed’, but also here the band has a sound of it’s own. Still there is the known acoustic guitar and drumming. Doesn’t this make you wonder how many tallented bands are out there, or would Eis & Licht have found them all by now?
I haven’t heard of full-length plans for this band. I do know that they perform live (if this is allowed), so I’m sure they have more songs than the 6 on this 10″.

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