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Folkstorm * Sweden (cd 2004 cold spring)

Cold Spring found 2001 material of this Swedish noise-combo that they forgot to release and the band decided to remix and remaster this material and make it into a goodbye cd, the last Folkstorm release. Funny, when I got the cd and saw the cover there is a picture looking awfully much like that on a t-shirt that I recently bought, but then the print is a mix between our Dutch royal ‘logo’ and the logo of the shop. Anyway, “Sweden” contains 50 minutes of extreme noise. Some tracks are fairly enjoyable with dark drones, some kind of rhythm or highly distorted melodies, while others are nothing but earcracking noise. I prefer the more structured kind of noise and this cd is a bit too much in the other direction. When I only pick the good tracks, this cd is still relatively enjoyable, but the other half is not really my cup of tea. Those who DO like the more extreme kind of sound will already be familiar with this Swedish band, have their other material and buy this last cd as well.

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