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Hunting The Robot * Our Ocean Is Illuminated (ep 2010)

Hunting The Robot is a new local (i.e. from Eindhoven, Netherlands) band that I read about is some free, local newspaper, for some reason the bandname already rang a bell then. Yesterday we were in Den Bosch to see “Black Swan” and in some activities leaflet I noticed that HTR was playing that same night. We decided to go and see HTR and went to a small cellar venue that I had never been to (Plein 79). HTR is a band of four young men (they give their own average age as 16) making catchy poprock with a lot of electronics. There are thick layers of wave with screaming guitars and electronic rhythms, but this eccentric band mixes many styles to some punky kind of pop music. I was happily surprised by the lengthy jamsessions in which the youngsters proved to be skilled and varried musicians, the technical 14-year-old drummer giving away a great solo and the nice songs with unexpected changes and great ideas. More than once I was reminded of the great Bang Bang Eche. Not all songs were great, but many were very nice. Last friday the band released their debut, an ep that can be bought, but also downloaded for free. The ep sounds soft, slick, too polished, but worse of all, it contains four slightly boring tracks, while they have an hour of good ones. Good that I did not hear the ep before hearing about the show! Based on the show I find this band promising, but the ep I can rate no higher than:

Link: Hunting The Robot

2 thoughts on “Hunting The Robot * Our Ocean Is Illuminated (ep 2010)”

    1. Fortunately, your response is testimony of grand depth! Like the saying goes, there is no use discussing taste. I didn’t say that HTR is a poor band, just that they have much better songs than the ones they put on their debut. I hope that on a future release they will put their more wavy/energetic songs. If not, then HTR just is not for me, no harm done.

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