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Militia * Live Provocation 1 & 2 (cassette 2010)

When you are an avid collector of Militia material, you are going to have a tough one on this tape. It is limited to 100 copies and most of them were sold before the band got their handfull of which I got the last. So this review may be more for ‘archival purposes’, but who knows if the label has copies left. In any case, the tape contains Militia’s very first live performances from 1989, both in Diepenbeek, Belgium. The sound was quite noisy, much less rhythm-oriented than the later sound. The soundquality of the tape is not too great, but this tape gives a nice idea of the early days of this Belgian project. Released on tape to enhance the authentic feel of the recordings I guess.
Links: Militia, Destructive Industries


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