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Floating Mind * Deep Visions (cd 2005 urgence disk records)

A while ago Roberto Vitali sent me an email with the question if I wanted to review his “first electro-ambient cd”. Of course I seached the internet to see what I could expect and I noticed that this cd is reviewed on sites from several scenes. Both “electro” and “ambient” are musical styles in the “gothic scene”, but also in the “techno scene” and especially in the first case (electro), the music from these scenes does not sound much alike. The reviews that are already on the internet were interesting enough to have a listen to the cd myself, so this is my view on the first Floating Mind cd.
However Italian his name sounds, Vitali seems to be from Switzerland, so is the label that I didn’t know. Urgence Disk Records releases “electronika indus” (KK.Null), “goth-indus” (S.Tantale), “electro pop” (Zodiac Project), “ebm” (Bax XIII), “post rock” (Macadam Pale Horses), “dirty blues” (Hell’s Kitchen), “electro” (Neon Electronics), etc. Goodbye musical narrowmindedness! Floating Minds does fit into this ecclectical musical field. The cd opens with floating, dreamy soundscapes, with here and there rhythmical elements, but as the cd continues, the sound becomes darker and from tracks reminding of Atomine Electrine and Anima Mundi (tracks 4, 5, 7, 8, 10), the sound goes to wonderfull weird tunes reminding of Deutsch Nepal (6) or even Cruelty Campaign (9)! But of course I only mention these names to give you at least a vague idea of the style of Floating Mind. “Deep Visions” is a nice listening experience for people who like tranquil and experimental electronic music.

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