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Faith and The Muse * Evidence Of Heaven (cd 1999 neu ästhetik multimedia)

This is the third release of this US goth act in 6 years. Those of you who are familiar with this band don’t need to be told that this duo is formed by William Faith (Christian Death, Shadow Project, Mephisto Walz) and Monica Richards (Strange Boutique). With the first two cds they gained much recognition for their splendid mix between gothic rock and folky/medieval tunes. However I’m no fond of gothic rock myself, I always adored this band.
On this third cd there’s less stress on the folky part of the band. Consequentally you’ll find more gothic rock on “Evidence…”, but Faith’s vocals are remarkebly absent, while he used to sing with the rock songs on the other cds. Of course there’s also a bit of folk here and acoustic songs, so nobody who likes the previous cd has to be started by these facts. As a matter of fact, this still is a damn good cd.

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