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v/a * 2010 Hands (2cd 2010)

However I like the musical style that seems to be mostly called “rhythmic noise” nowadays, there are a few problems with it. The larger part of the material in this style does not keep my attention. It is not energetic enough, too repetative or simply too unimaginable. Even the ‘bigger’ and ‘better’ projects in my ears only have a couple of great tracks and a lot of alright ones. Therefor I do not really follow the style or play it very often. Oftentimes when I want to play something extreme but danceable I pick some sort of extreme techno album. Then again, these Hands compilations are a good way to get a sense of what is going on in the style. 30 Tracks, 10 projects, there ought to be something good among that! The first cd contains tracks that mostly perhaps sound somewhat industrial, but especially quite technoish. In fact, I would describe more than a few tracks on this cd as IDM (a bit harder and a bit more industrial than much of that style though), sometimes as drum’n’bass, perhaps here and there a track as breakcore, but overall relatively soft technoish tracks. The first cd contains one or two more ‘typical’ tracks, but the people who enjoy the harder style will be more pleased by cd 2, especially the opening project Greyhound. Pounding industrial beats, nicely minimalistic, but energetic, indeed, the more interesting tracks are to be found on this cd. Since almost all projects do not have but one style, the first cd contains some harder tracks and the second some softer as well. I think this compilation gives a nice overview of a style that seems to grow closer and closer to the harder styles of techno. There might have been added a few really loud tracks if you ask me, but I guess the way it is, “2010 Hands” is a descent compilation to play in the car.
Link: Hands Productions

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