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Ex.Order * The Infernal Age (cd 1998/2004)

However the box does not say so, I suppose I got the 2004 rerelease of this 1998 album of Ex.Order, which was their first cd. The material spans the period of 1995 to 1998. The first tracks are best described as ‘noisescapes’, a continuous pulsating (soft) noise with a lot of samples and some rhythm. These tracks are quite interesting, but lateron comes the more typical Ex.Order kind of noise: a very dark wall of sound with many samples and some rhythm. Ex.Order manages to make quite extreme electronics, but not of the unstructured, chaotic style that I do not like, with a very dark atmosphere. The rhythms give the sound a very nice, and dirty industrial feel, a sound that was perfected on the 2007 album “Corporate Control“. “The Infernal Age” makes a good step in the direction, there are a couple of brilliant tracks here. Now I need to lay my hand on some more older material of this great project.
Link: Power and Steel

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