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Engelsstaub * Anderswelt (cd 1999 4 dimensions)

It’s been silent a long time around this German band. Engelsstaub released their debut-cd in 1993 on their own Apollyon label. “Malleus Maleficarum” contains a brillant piece of dark folk. Not too long after that came the second cd “Ignis Fatuus: Irrlichter” which was more romantic of nature. In 1995 we were graced with a split 10″ with another brilliant band, the Italian Ataraxia. This was actually the last really new release of Engelsstaub. In 1997 they re-released their legendary -and long sold out- 7″ “Unholy” together with new remixes on a mcd with the same title as the 7″. After this release the band became less “mysterious” and it turned out that the people in this band were the same people who run the Apollyon label.Various compilation contributions seemed to show a different direction for Engelsstaub. This feeling is partially confirmed by “Anderwelt”.
The music is less folky and more atmospheric. It didn’t turn out in the darkwave-way that I feared for. However I prefer the old style of Engelsstaub, this cd is still pretty damn good. It’s much more orchestral than before and there’s more room for the female vocals.
This cd comes in a normal box and a “super jewel box”, which is twice as big as a normal jewel case and looks very nice. What you may not guess from the cover, the inside of the booklet looks really nice too.
Fans may feel a bit disappointed at first, but certainly those who like atmospheric music, should have a listen to this cd.

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