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v/a * Icy Breath On Burning Flesh – Douche Froide Series Vol. I (cd 2010)

I have my share of strange cd packings in my collection, but this compilation is full of surprises. There is some sort of digipack in a slipcase, which is closed like an envelop and only when I saw the image on Discogs (which I stole for my own image), I noticed that a booklet is hidden somewhere too). I never heard of Douche Froide. They released to cdrs in 2002/3 and now they suggest to have started a series. According their Myspace address, Douche Froide is a “radiozine”. There are 14 projects on this cdr, only 4 of them I knew: Dawn & Dusk Entwined, Beyond Sensory Experience, Hermann Kopp and Vladimir Hirsch. All other projects are new to me. Tesco describes this release as “post-industrial”, I think I could use that description for more releases, but just let this compilation be the first then. Any of the other categories that I use, are indeed not completely fitting. Roughly said, the sound of this compilation is weird, soft and experimental industrial with orchestrations or otherwise some melody. Should you know Hermann Kopp too, he fits very well! Now I am not a big fan of that last Hermann Kopp album, but on the other hand, some strange experimental new sound is always interesting, were it only for variation in my player. But to that I might add that most of the tracks that I hear here are quite amusing. Crazy background music!
Link: Douche Froide

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