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Militia * United We Stand (cd 2010)

Just like the recently released “Archive Collection” this is a retrospective of Militia. Where the other archive covers only two years, “United We Stand” spans the full two decades of Militia’s existence. Unfortunately a substantial part is the same as on “The Black Flag Hoisted” (again), but there are also very nice tracks that I did not yet have. Miltia, of course, makes tribal industrial with repetative rhythms, drumming on oil barrels and anything that makes a sound and eco-anarchic lyrics. Very nice and I of course eagerly await the announed new material. The album comes in a cardboard box with some cards and is available from the band itself. For the moment you can use the band’s myspace or just email (frank[at]militia[.]be). Pretty soon the website will be available where albums can be ordered as well.
Militia/Power Propaganda Production, Myspace


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