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Endura * Elder Signs (2cd 1999 red stream)

A double cd for those who haven’t been able to keep of with the flood of releases of this English industrial band. Disc one contains the magistral debut “Dreams Of Dark Waters” that has been deleted for two times already. Disc two contains the second album “The Dark Light Is Enough”. Then both discs are filled with 4 extra tracks. This might appeal to the real Endura fans, but I’m afraid they will not (like me) find much new. The tracks also appear on the “Biomechenical Soul Journey” 10″ of last year; the 1996 tape “Ard Inn Arr” (which already contains songs from old compilations) and two contributions to more recent compilations; the very last track is one I didn’t know yet, but it’s a boring piece of atmospheric music.
Like I said, this cd is for those who can’t keep up with other releases of Endura. I will not give a rating to this cd, because however I really like the first two albums, I’m still displeased with this 2cd.

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