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Funerary Call * Dark Waters Stirred (cd 2010)

Once upon a time there was Funerary Call. From 1994 to 2005 the project grew from a “ritual” project in the black metal scene to a more dark ambient project getting recognition in the industrial scene, but then had to make way for a much more industrial project: Sistrenatus. Funerary Call was not entirely dead and burried though. In fact, there have been performances and even recordings, although, until now, unreleased. “Dark Waters Stirred” is a very dark and sometimes noisy ambient cd with dark rumblings, violins, piano and in one track, the voice of Troy Southgate. Once it even works towards a very Sistrenatus-reminding dark noise sound. This impressive release will appeal to people who know MacFarlane mostly for Sistenatus, but probably also to people who enjoy the 2004/5 style of this project. When you like to listen to dark soundscapes, a bit monotous, but not too much and like a good touch of noise, try to lay your hands on this release.
Links: Funerary Call, Fall Of Nature

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