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Militia * Archive Collection 1: 1996 – 1997 (cd 2010)

My first acquintance with Militia was their “Black Flag Hoisted” 2cd box of 2000, a legendary album with tribal industrial (but varried in style) with (still quite rare in our scene) very leftish lyrics. After that it was always quite for some time, but Militia has built quite a discography of which this is my fifth item (including a 2002 rerelease of the 1995 split with Con-Dom). Before releasing a new album, Militia decided to rerelease some old material first. Since this album is called “Archive Collection I” I suppose that there will at least be one more. Also there seem to be a cassette with live recordings and a cdr with 1990 to 2010 material (“United We Stand”). Quite a period by the way! This easier-to-get archive album shows the old, more industrial (even noisy) side of this Belgian band, but also has the drumming tracks that we got to like this project for and most tracks are more energetic than the last album. A nice item in you industrial collection. I look forward to hearing the new material.
Links: Militia, Neuropa

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