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Dies Natalis * :Raunen: (10″ 1999 eis & licht tonträger)

Apparently Eis & Licht from Germany only releases the best of material. Somehow they are able to sign brilliant young neo-folk bands and good bands of people who have been longer working with this kind of music. Fact is that I haven’t heard an Eislicht release that isn’t good. Unfortunately I found that out a little late, so now I have to rush to collect all the Eislicht releases that I don’t have and because all releases are limited (vinyl mostly to some 500 copies), this is quite a task.
But, I’m glad that I still got a copy of this 10″. Eislicht has a handfull left, so if you’re quick, you might be able to get a copy yourself.
:Raunen: is (of course, I’d almost say) a great release. I expected more drumming, but in fact this is mostly pretty romantic neo-folk. Striking is that of three song, two are sung in English, which is something most young neo-folk bands seem to prefer not to do. This piece of vinyl has to be played on 45 rpm, so unfortunately it is rather short. The good news is that a full-length cd is planned for the end of this year.
Keep an eye on this great new band.
Oh, and to those who know this 10″, no I don’t have another version. I just like the picture on the back so much, that I combined the front and the back cover.

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