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Dernière Volonté * Devant Le Miroir (cd 2006 hau ruck!)

In my opinion the term “military pop” mostly refers to this French act. Catchy music with a military touch. This new album was eagerly awaited and three years after the last real cd (between those two compilations with old material), finally here it is. The first time I listened to “Devant le Miroir”, I was a bit surprised. I expected a poppy sound, maybe even more than on “Les Blessures de l’Ombre”, but this new album is on the edge of ‘cheesyness’ at times. A few plays further I got a bit used to the Christmas bells and 80’ies music lines and the album proves to be another nice one. I don’t think that this new cd is better than “Les Blessures…”, but it sure aint a bad one either.

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