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Dernière Volonté * Les Blessures de l’Ombre (cd 2003 hau ruck!)

It has been three years since “Le Feu Sacré” appeared on the same label. A very nice soft and slightly militant industrial cd which I still play quite frequently. Since then there have been a few magnificent compilation contributions and a while ago I got to see this Frenchman live on stage in Belgium together with Un Défi d’Honneur (also reviewed). A lot of great new tracks which even prove not to be all on this 60 minute-cd! I suppose that there are also compilations with Dernière that I don’t have then…
Anyway, this cd is even more accessible than the debut. Softer songs, more catchy melodies, more singing. I am definately not disappointed! There are a few tracks that aren’t too good (and which sound a bit like the very early Der Blutharsch recordings), but most tracks are really superb.

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