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Der Feuerkreiner * La ‘Nvidia (12″ 2004 neuropa records)

Neuropa is a relatively new label from Belgium. This 12″ is already their 8th release though. However the bandname is German (and I haven’t been able to find out what it means!), Der Feuerkreiner comes from Italy. This 12″ has four tracks. Side A opens with a very nice piece in a ‘forgotten style’: heavenly voices, but then with quite a bit of drumming. Side B opens with the title track which is a traditional folksong, but the twist Der Feuerkreiner gave to it, will please anyone who likes Gae Bolg; the track is very bombastic with a lot of drumming, yet folky. Then we have two “Mondendinge”n which are a bit too monotous ambient-like tracks. Especially in two tracks a very nice and original band.

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