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Der Blutharsch * WKN 26 (7″ 2006 wir kapitulieren niemals)

On friday 21 april I saw Der Blutharsch live in Antwerpen. This is supposedly the farewell tour. Der Blutharsch became a 5-man-band with a drummer (Bain Wolfkind), a guitar player, a bassist and mister and misses Blutharsch. They played mostly metal or rock versions of Der Blutharsch tracks. As usual, there is a limited (2000 copies) one-sided 7″ which can be bought ‘only’ during the tour. The track is a slow rocky song with a wah-wah guitar and singing. Nothing special really, but since I own most Der Blutharsch material and the band may cease to exist after the tour, a nice thing to have.

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