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Der Blutharsch * When Did Wonderland End (cd+dvd 2005 wkn)

However much I enjoy the militant and bombastic sound of Der Blutharsch, it was about time for something new. So, Der Blutharsch became a quartet instead of a duo, attracted a couple of guest musicians and vocalists and left the ‘postindustrial’ sound for a more ‘rocky’ one. I have heard the cd a few times now and I think I don’t like the new style as much as the old, but like I said, I am glad that the new cd isn’t just another too typical Der Blutharsch album. Not that the sound changed drastically by the way. If you take the last few albums and listen to the minor progression, this new cd is a bigger step forward. Both electric and acoustic guitars have been added with which I am not always too happy with, but most of the tracks are still enjoyable. It seems that Bain Wolfkind (Novo Homo) has had some influence on the style, but essentially the sound is still Der Blutharsch, but more eh… poppy? (by lack of a better description.)
In a way there are a few tracktitles this time too. One track is obviously the title song, track 6 is a new version of “Frost Flowers” from the DIJ album “Take Care And Control” and the DVD has a videoclip of a track called “So Bring Your Iron Rain Down Upon Me” which is also on the cd. The clip -by the way- is nice, but not as funny as on “Time Is Thee Enemy!”.
Overall I would say that you may have to get used to the album and maybe you will hear the Der Blutharsch sound and like it, but maybe you may think it to be too different for your taste. As for me -like I said- I am glad about the progression, but time will tell if I am happy with the new sound. One thing is certain, there are a couple of great tracks on the album that I liked immediately. Minor points, the album is again very short and within these 45 minutes there is empty space for an awfull ‘ghost track’.

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