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Der Blutharsch * The Moment Of Thruth / Der Gott Der Eisen Wachsen Liess / Thank You! (cd+mcd 2004 wkn)

He, did I forget to review the ‘new’ Der Blutharsch that I got the same day as the cds below? And this just in the time of heavy discussion about the show Herr Julius is going to give in Leiden tomorrow (28/9/04) which will continue, but under protest.
Just like Blood Axis/LJDLP Der Blutharsch here rereleases hard-to-get material on a cd for a normal price. I had “The Moment…” on tape, the other material was new to me. The cd is only 35 minutes and the material is typical for the older and exclusive material: good and not too great tracks and a bit more experimental than the normal releases. If you didn’t have the 10”, mcd and 7” yet, this is a way to complete your Der Blutharsch discography a bit. An exclusive tune for this nicely packed cd is a 3” mcd with Gameboy-music-versions of some well-known Der Blutharsch tracks. Herr Julius is always in for a joke! <27/9/04><3>

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