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Der Blutharsch * Time Is Thee Enemy! (cd 2004 wkn)

Quite a while after the vinyl version follows the cd. Again only 45 minutes including silence for a ghost-track. A sticker on the plastic promising a video-clip, so now I have an idea why I got the cdr with video a while ago. Too bad, though, since I can’t play the video on “Time…” neither on my dvd player (which plays anything) nor on my computer!! Hopefully the video is the same, so at least I already had it…
To the music then. “Time…” is a natural follower of “Fire Danger Season”. The music is a bit less militant, there is more humour, more cheerfullness, more singing and more guest-musicians. Most tracks are again very enjoyable and Herr Julius proves that he does not want to keep doing exactly the same. Still this cd is not better than the previous and does not really come near “The Track…” or “The Pleasures…”. I can asure you that when you like Der Blutharsch, you will not be disappointed, but do not expect a masterpiece.

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