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Der Blutharsch * video cd (vcd 2004 wkn)

Herr Julius sent me a copy of this strange promo cd with a pack of cards and a poster. I don’t know if it is for sale and since I don’t have the new album yet, I don’t know if this is ‘the MTV-version’ of one of the tracks of “Time Is Thee Enemy”, so I can’t give you too much information. Anyway, the cd contains an *.mpg file of only 61.164 kB, so I suppose it will be available on the internet soon. It is a 3’10” track with a funny bombastic and ‘metalish’ sound. An amusing track for sure. The videoclip -then- shows a party of Der Blutharsch fans. It plays in some kind of hall with people with in uniforms having dinner. Amusing are all the Der Blutharsch goodies. All bowls, glasses, plates, cloths, flags, etc. have Der Blutharsch logos or texts. The clip is nicely silly with drunk people and references to vampire and 50’ies films.

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