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Der Blutharsch * Fire Danger Season (4cd 2002 wkn)

For a long time I have doubted whether or not to buy this expensive box (but there is an even more expensive version). In the end the content proved to be slightly different from what I thought it was and I got a change to listen to the music in a recordstore as well.
So, a little leather bag with four cds. A shaped cd with 20 minutes of unreleased material, which is all nice. A cd with material released on different compilations and I didn’t have most of it, so that is good. The tracks vary from alright to brilliant, but most tracks are actually very good! The other two cds are by different bands who made their impression of Der Blutharsch, either by reworking a specific track or by using Der Blutharsch samples. Some tracks are very recognisably Der Blutharsch, sometimes it is just a track by a project, sometimes a combination between the two. Not only Hau Ruck!-bands as I expected and most tracks are actually very good again! Brilliant tracks by Dernière Volonté and Bearer Of The Inmost Sun. The bands that I didn’t know and which are Hau Ruck!-bands proved to be neofolk bands…
Anyway, expensive, but worth the money. Nice package and mostly very nice music. <4>

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