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Der Blutharsch * When All Else Fails! (cd 2001 wkn/tesco)

The new full-length of Der Blutharsch comes as a digipack and as a double 10″. The album opens with a boring intro, but is followed by a very nice track. Herr Julius had some company this time which resulted in some variation to previous albums. There are female vocals and guest male vocals. Actually, there are vocals in almost every track. The music isn’t as militant as before, but still in the bombastic Der Blutharsch style. Just imagine the sung tracks of before with guest vocals and you have a pretty good idea of this 50 minute album. Maybe not as good as “The Pleasures…” or “The Track…”, but still a pretty good album with a couple of very nice tracks.
And have a look at the new WKN page, but be patient, since it is very slow!

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