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A Challenge Of Honour * The Right Place (cdr 2002 stahlklang audio)

This isn’t exactly the first ACOH review on these pages. As a matter of fact the “The Right Place” demo was the first sign of ACOH that came to me some 15 months ago. In that time the band was still Johan König, later Peter Savelkoul of Above The Ruins / Stahlklang Audio / etc. joined and eventually continued alone. The 7 tracks of the demo are here and further 5 newer tracks which are of course by mr Savelkoul. The cd starts with orchestral industrial reminding a bit of Der Blutharsch or Dernière Volonté, sometimes rather soft, sometimes harder. Also there is an acoustric track and one with Sleepy Hollow soundtrack samples (also used a bit too much on the “Only Stones Remain” cd) and some tracks are better than I remember from the demo. The newer tracks are very orchestral and bombastic and mostly very good too! Quite a classic release again from the Netherlands. ACOH articles are usually very limited, but released a couple of times. There are 100 copies of this cd in a nice A5 package and other early ACOH releases are made available again as well. Try to miss them not.

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