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Der Blutharsch * The Track Of The Hunted (cd 2000 wir kapitulieren niemals)

Pretty short after “The Pleasures Recieved In Pain” there is a new cd of Der Blutharsch. When I write this, the review of that cd hadn’t even moved to the archive, which means that there are less then 23 reviews in between that cd and this. Hm, I even see that I wrote that review on 7 march, that is three months ago.
Anyway, in that review I wrote that if Albin Julius would continue to grow with Der Blutharsch as he did between the early releases and the first two cds, he would really become able to fill the gap that fell with the split-up of The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud. “The Track Of The Hunted” is not that much better than “The Pleasures…” though. As a matter of fact, I like the previous cd better. Not that “The Track…” is a bad cd though, but it differs quite a bit from the previous one. “The Track…” is more in the old vein, more in an ‘mystical’ industrial/ambient vein and not as much folky industrial. After a few listenings “The Track…” does grow on me and actually Der Blutharsch seems to become the predecessor of a new style of industrial, that I usually call “mystical industrial” myself. Strange samples, singing, quite militant at times and a folky undertone. Also present: an ages old song seemingly found on some old vinyl. All in all a kind of music of it’s own and I like it a lot. I wonder where Julius’ experimentations will bring him next time.
Oh, a last worth-mentioning point is that it seems that Julius moved the distribution of his own “WKN” label from World Serpent to Tesco (who apparently have risen from the ashes). <7/6/00><3>

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