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Der Blutharsch * The Pleasures Received In Pain (cd 1999 wkn)

Yes ladies and gentlemen, there is a new cd by Der Blutharsch. People who have been reading these pages for some more time, will know that this is half of the magnificent (but deceased) duo The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud. Listening to “The Pleasures Received In Pain” it becomes very clear that this man also pulled the strings in The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud. While previous releases of Der Blutharsch were very industrial, this new cd is pretty dark folk industrial, like the later material of TMLHBAC.
The cd opens with a single violin and then some dark ambient. The second track is a truely magnicent track in the good old TMLHBAC vein, only the vocals are male here. The third track is a bit more militant sounding with singing, a bit as what we know from the first cd. I wouldn’t have blinked twice if I had found the following track on a cd of TMLHBAC. The next one is a totally brilliant dark orchestral industrial track with vocals. This kind of music is quite typical for Der Blutharsch, but also reminds a a bit of the early works of In Slaughter Natives. The cd remains pretty dark after this, with some softer and heavier parts and to the end a bit more folky again. The cd closes off with a long and not too good ambient track. There are remarkably many samples on this cd and it isn’t entirely like the debut. Of course there is no need for that when a cd has brilliants pieces as “The Pleasures…” has!
Between the debut and this cd, there have been several Der Blutharsch releases. A mcd/video-box, a mcd, a live-mcd, vinyls and such. All extremely expensive, limited and not even that good. The two full-lenghts have been brilliant and as Albin continues to grow in this way, he might really fill the gap that fell with the demise of The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud. (7/3/00)

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