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Septicserpent vs Dead.Circuit * Triangle Of Sorrow (cdr 2010)

“Triangle Of Sorrow” is the first release of Dead.Circuit’s label “Hidden.Circuit”. The release notes and the flyer seem to suggest that the music was composed jointly and that the result is something between “dark drum ‘n’ bass, ambient passages, broken beats and industrial soundscapes”, but the album with well over an hour of music has five tracks of each project, very separate tracks. First up is Septicserpent and inspite of a nice idea here and there, overall his music is not too appealing soft and light dance music. The soft and light touch is blown away by Dead.Circuit’s magnificent first track “Embracing Uncertainty”, an 11-minute “noisescape” in the Propergol style (or rather of course “Repressed Memory Theory“). After this we get Dead.Circuit’s “new direction” in the form of a dark ambient track that goes over into something IDM’ish. “Time To Heal” is a soft techno track like those on the first half of this album, but then we get some more rhythmical industrial sounds with “broken beats” which sound alright. An ambient track closes “Triangle Of Sorrow”.
The more interesting project is Dead.Circuit the ‘old style’ track is brilliant, some parts in other tracks are very nice, other parts/tracks are less so. Of course it never hurts to experiment and since this cd is only € 9,-, it does so neither for the listener.
Links: Dead.Circuit / Hidden.Circuit, Septicserpent

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