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Blood Axis * Born Again (cd 2010)

To be honest, I did not have too high expectations for “Born Again”. The early Blood Axis sound is about my most favourite music, later albums became less dark and bombastic and in recent years it became obvious that Blood Axis was evolving towards more of a folkrock sound. In that tradition “Born Again” comes as no surprice. Especially in the beginning, the sound is quite folkrock, lateron more folky, but a lot of songs are both folky and poppy and actually better-sounding than I expected! Many tracks are nicely catchy and there is still a lot of focus on Moynihan’s voice and the texts that he chose or wrote. In the earlier track it seems as if Moynihan has made a leap in his spiritual development, but in later tracks the lyrics are not all that joyous. The album comes in a luxery digipack with a booklet featuring all lyrics (translated if needed) on heavy paper. A great album.
Link: Blood Axis, Storm Records
See here for the most read-worthy lyrics.

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