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Bang Bang Eche * Sonic Death Cunttt (ep 2009)

Not all good electopunk comes from Canada! Bang Bang Eche is a young group from New Zealand and currently have two ep’s available, the great and nameless 2008 debut and this second 4 track. The music of Bang Bang Eche is catchy electropunk music with a lot of energy. The band seems to have a considerable following and since their ep’s are sold online, they seem to spread easily. I really enjoy some electropunk such as Duchess Says or Motormark, but I rarely run into anything that I enjoy as much as these two bands. Bang Bang Eche might not be as weird as Duchess Says, but it is good and I hope they will go on a little more, since the better bands in the genre seem to pass away after some time.
Link: Bang Bang Eche

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