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Den * Odhinn’s Ring (7″ ?? ajna)

I already had the strange mini “Helms Of Awe” (97) on tape when I received this 7″. Den is one of the musical outlets of Lesiu Niemoczynski who in spite of what his name suggests is an American, playing in Order and Progress and Socrates Wounded, but (at least to me) mostly known for his webzine and radio-show Letters To A German Friend.
After a few listings, Odhinns Ring is actually quite a nice 7″, with three songs of something in between industrial and folk, sometimes reminding a bit of Blood Axis’ “The March Of Brian Boru” in the “10 Years Of Madness” version (much bass-guitar). At other times an industrial rhythm with a clear flute, but nowhere really harsch. It seems that some people think of Allerseelen when listening to Den. Anyway, quite nice!

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