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Distel * Mrok / Regn (7″ 2010)

Finally the debut of this Dutch project is available. Distel makes “angstpop” and “minimal” but this 7″ is not released on Galakthorrö, but on a Dutch label that reaps the field of strange wave and minimal techno music. Distel does fit on the label, but the Galakthorrö audience might never hear of this release. On the other hand, the two tracks on this 7″ are not really Galakthorrö tracks such as some other tracks that Distel has made. Not really wave or technoïsh either, but more slow and slightly rhythmical tracks with highly distorted vocals (you only hear a rumbling). I must say that Distel has better tracks available on his Myspace, but maybe that is because he changed style somewhat. In any case, I saw Distel live a while ago and there are plenty of tracks available, also very interesting, for future releases, so let us wait and see what the future will bring. A project to keep an eye on, just as the man’s other project Hadewych.
Links: Distel, Enfant Terrible

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