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Vincenzo Natali

Cypher – Vincenzo Natali (2002)

Man, what an awful film… I already did not like Natali’s “Splice” (2009) too much, but perhaps I thought to remember I found it alright?

“Cypher” is, to me, a film that fails on all points. There is a totally annoying story that has a plot shift every other second. The acting is awful. There are tries on vague scenes which are boring. For 90 minutes I have wondered how long it has been since I saw a film as bad as this. I sat it out, but when I had to go to the bathroom towards the end, I did not even use the pause button…

A dull man is hired by a company to be a spy. Then he is hired by the competition as counter spy and then by a third party. Both companies try to brainwash the man to try him to be another person. A Japanese looking lady seems to try to help him, but is that true? The aims of both companies seem to be nonexistent.

90 Minutes of annoyance. I cannot make more of “Cypher”. I like a weird film, but this is just bad.

Splice * Vincenzo Natali (2009)

This film was on my list, so I guess I read something about that that made me want to see it. Perhaps it was the producer, Guillermo del Toro? Unfortunately, “Splice” is not that good. Two young and too hip scientists work at a facility producing alternative lifeforms in order to find cures for diseases. Of course they take things a step too far. Actually this is already too much information, but anything you read about this film gives most of it away. “Splice” is a scifi, but not a fantasy, even though the creature that Else and Clive create is very fantasyfull. In any case, a slightly overrated film. The IMdB rating of 6.1/10 is already more realistic, but I give it a: