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Tony Scott

Deja Vu – Tony Scott (2006)

It probably sounded like a good idea for a story. A special investigation team found a way to look 4,5 days back in time, so they can retrace people’s steps solving crimes. Things get highly unlikely when the hardware proves to be able to see everything in that past, even within apartments. If that is not enough, the package comes with a time traveling machine.

A ferry is blown up killing hundreds of people. ATF agent Doug Carlin (Denzel Washington) proves to have a keen eye and his is recruited for the special team by Agent Pryzwarra (Val Kilmer). Soon the investigation focuses on a young lady who proved to have died before the ferry was blown up.

I found the unlikeliness of the hardware too annoying to ‘get into’ the film. Fortunately the acting makes up a bit, but when things take ‘unexpected’ courses, my annoyance level rises again and the end is even more incredible.

The film is alright with regards to filming, action and acting, but more thought had to be given to the central theme of the film.

Domino * Tony Scott (2005)

Tony Scott has an impressive lengthy and varried filmography going from the “new violence” of “True Romance” to the Hollywood blockbuster of “Crimson Tide”. For “Domino” he decided to make one of those hip crime films. Ever moving cameras, short shots, hip montage, loud music, bright colours, bad language and a sexy actress. Domino is a troubled, nice-looking girl who decides to get involved in the rough man world of bounty hunters. Of course a story develops in which things do not quite go as planned. The film jumps back and forth in time ever complicating the story. Scott worked things out alright, the obligatory f-words, shootouts and explosions, everything is there. Nothing we have not seen before, but not badly done.

The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 * Tony Scott (2009)

The Taking Of Pelham 1 2 3So we were downtown and got the idea to see a movie. There is nothing playing right now that I really need to see, but a few that I would not mind to watch. Of course the most interesting of them played at inconvenient times when we got the idea so we ended up at an action film for the masses. Fortunately this film is not completely standard. Of course, there is rapid camera work, flashy stop-motion montage, hip music, etc., but the nice thing about this film is that the part that matters are more slow-paced negotiation scenes with nice tension, while almost all of the action goes into details such as the bringing of the money. This does make the elaborate action scenes even more superfluous though and the fact that they are pretty much over the tops adds to this idea. The real firework comes from two great actors: John Travolta (with a great look) and Denzel Washington. I am no fan of the latter, but the man sure can set a part. “The Taking Of Pelham 123” is not boring, nor really bad, but a few scenes are a too much (“Honey, I’m going to die.” “Please bring a gallon of milk on your way home.” “Why not half a gallon?” aargh, or the money bringing scene). No need to rush to the cinemas for this, but should it be on TV in a while and you have nothing better to do, this film could be an option.