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Stuart Gordon

Fortress – Stuart Gordon (1992)

An old scifi that I do not think I saw before. It is not bad though.

Christopher Lambert plays John Brennick who is sent to prison with his wife for trying to have a second child. In the dystopian future that the film plays in, there is a one child policy.

The fortress from the title is a massive underground prison in the middle of a desert. New techniques are used to keep the prisoners under control, making “Fortress” a bleak science fiction film.

Of course Brennick and his wife are going to try to escape. The story does not have big surprises. The stages and the atmosphere are good though, so I think this old film is worth a watch.

King Of The Ants * Stuart Gordon (2003)

Here we have a relatively early sadistic thriller/horror. A young man is hired by a rich guy to follow some man. Then the assignment is changed and things take a drastic turn for Sean.
“King Of The Ants” is not particularly good or surprising. There are a few nice hallucinatory scenes and Georges Wendt of Cheers plays an unexpected brutal part, but overall this is certainly no ‘must-see’.