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Shane Black

The Nice Guys – Shane Black (2016)

I do not often feel like comedy, but Ryan Gosling’s presence convinced me to give this film a try. Oh, the other actor is Russel Crowe. When was the last film I saw with Crowe? “Gladiator” or so?

The two prove to make a very funny couple. A private detective and a private detective in the making, are working on cases that are connected, so after an initial clash, they start working together.

Initially “The Nice Guys” is an amusing screwball comedy. Towards the end we move more towards a nerdy action film which worked out less.

Overall, the film is a descent comedy though.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang * Shane Black * 2005

  • comedy

This film got very good critics, but I am not convinced. I wanted to see this film, but the note “by the makers of Lethal Weapon” made me doubt, but we rented it afterall. “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” tells the story of a smalltime thief who accidentally ends up in the film-business, where he meets the love of his youth, but mostly many many corpses. Harry Lockart is both the main character as the voice-over. Shane Black wanted to do something funny with the voice-over, but it isn’t very original or well-done. Lockart tells the story of the film with silly voice-overs and montage of the film (rewinding, etc.). The film supposedly has a ‘film-noir’ atmosphere, but I miss it. It is mostly a slightly funny crime-drama with some action. The film sure has its moments, Val Kilmer is great as gay private detective, but overall I see nothing but mediocrity and stolen ideas. I think the film is meant for the larger audience too much.