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Quentin Dupieux

Réalité – Quentin Dupieux (2014)

Dupieux again made a pretty absurd film in which he put a lot that does not fit. Reactions to situations that are ‘off’, the situations themselves are odd, weird dialogues and then a totally strange (yet interesting) interweaving of story lines.

The atmosphere is a bit like that of “Wrong” (2012). Suppressed absurd humour. There are some completely weird scenes, but when the film seems to get some sort of idea rather than being just “a collection of absurd scenes” as I described “Wrong”, it raises a little above that previous film.

Not great, but somewhat amusing.

Wrong – Quentin Dupieux (2012)

The director of “Rubber” comes with another weird film. “Wrong” is a bit of a collection of absurd scenes, not unlike some Scandinavian films. After a while some sort of ‘story’ starts to unfold.

Dolph’s dog is gone and he later finds out that it has been kidnapped by some guru who says that people love their pets more when they have been gone for a while.

Dupieux presents a range of oddities that are sometimes amusing, sometimes less so. Overall the film is ‘just fine’ at best.

Rubber * Quentin Dupieux (2010)

What you mostly hear about this film is that is about a killing car tire. This is true, but the film is a lot stranger than just that. “Rubber” opens with a monologue about scenes in films that happen for no reason, “the strongest style element in film” and “Rubber” is an homage to that style element. In other words, nothing in “Rubber” happens for a reason and thus the director just put in it whatever sprang from his mind. The result is, of course, an overly weird film with bizar elements that until now seemed to be reserved for Scandinavian comedies. Not a film for people who want to watch a mindless horror comedy. Not that “Rubber” is an intelligent film, but it will annoy people who cannot stand things happening for no reason. Personally I find that “Rubber” has a few good jokes, but overall it is not a very interesting film. Something else for sure though.